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Five mukhi Rudraksha with Hanuman Gada pendant

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The ruling planet for the Five-Mukhi bead is Jupiter. This bead represents Lord Shiva, the symbol of auspiciousness. This bestows the pleasures of married life. It is said to give wealth, honour and status to the one who wears it. In Astrology it is said to reduce the malefic effects of Jupiter.The wearer of a Five-Mukhi will attain health and peace of mind. Five-Mukhi Rudraksha also helps to regulate blood pressure and relieve cardiac ailments.

Origin of Rudraksha :- Nepal

Quality of Rudraksha :- Ordinary

The Mace or Gada carried in the right hand of Sri Hanuman is a symbol of self-sovereignty, authority of governance and the power to rule. This ornament is adorned on the hands of the deities such as Vishnu, Krishna, Durga and the Pandava Bheema. Wearing the Mace (Gada) pendant will thrash all the obstacles and negatives in your path and will make way for fearless life.

Metal :- Brass