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Kapila Samhita (Text with English Translation & Study)

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The Puranas have been treated in India as encyclopedias for all people with regard to religious practices of Hindus in ancient and medieval India. Though some of the Puranas are of much earlier date, there are a few extant Puranic works of late origin shedding floods of light on the development of religious beliefs and practices of different regions. These are called sthalamahatmyas. The Kapil-Samhita is one such Sthalamahatmya depicting the glory of the four holy places of Orissa viz. Krsna-ksetra, the known Purusottama-ksetra at Puri, Arka-Ksetra, the famous place of sun-worship at Konark, Parvti-ksetra, the famous abode of Sakta-worship at Jajpur and the Haraksetra, the known abode of Lingaraja in the temple of Bhubaneswar as well as Kapilasa, the place of pilgrimage dedicated to Lord Siva in the Dhenkanal district. All these Ksetras have played significant roles in bringing a cultural synthesis in India in general and Orissa in particular.

Details of Book :-

  • Author - Pramila Mishra
  • Publisher - New Bharatiya Book Corporation
  • Language - English
  • ISBN - 8187418702
  • Binding - Hardbound
  • Size - 8.6 inches x 5.6 inches
  • Pages - 391
  • Weight of book - 400 grams