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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Nava Danya ( 9 grains ) ganesha idol

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This is Nava Danya Ganesha idol made from 9 different type of grains.

Lord Ganesha is the elephant-faced Patron of Art and Science, the Lord of Obstacles and Guardian of Dharma. His will prevails as the force of righteousness, the em- bodiment of Íiva’s karmic law in all three worlds. 

Lord Shiva, the Almighty Power, created Heaven and Earth and the God Lord Ganesha to oversee the intricate karmas anddhar- mas within the heavens and all the earths. Lord Ganesha was created as a governor and interplanetary, intergalactic Lord. His knowledge is infinite, His judgment is just. It is none other than Lord Ganesha  and His mighty band of ganas who gently help souls out of the Naraka abyss and adjust them into higher consciousness after due penance has been paid, guiding them on the right path toward dharmic destiny. He is intricate of mind, loving pomp, delighting in all things sweet and enjoying adulation. Lord Íiva proclaimed that this son be worshiped first, even before Himself. Verily, He is the Lord of Karma. All Mahadevas, minor Gods, devas and sentient beings must worship Ganesha  before any responsible act could hope to be successful. Those who do not are subject to their own barriers. Yea, worship of Him sets the pattern of one’s destiny. The Tiru- mantiram says, “Five-armed is He, elephant-faced with tusks protruding, crescent-shaped, son of Shiva, wisdom’s flower, in heart enshrined, His feet I praise.” 

Lord Ganesha, the God of time and memory, strategically seated on the mûlâdhâra chakra, poised between the higher and lower chakras, stabilizes all sentient beings. He holds the architect’s plans of the divine masterpiece of universal past and future. Only good comes from Lord Ganesha, who by tak- ing the form of an elephant distinguishes Himself from other Gods. He staves off misfortune for those who perform penance in His name. He guides ourkarma from within us through the timing of events. Before any important undertaking, we supplicate Him to clear obstacles from the path, if it be His will. This Lord of Obstacles prevents us from hurting ourselves through living under an incomplete concept or making a request unneeded or beginning an endeavor not well thought out. 

Size - 3"

Mantra: Aum gam ganapataye namaha 

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