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Raksha Sutra (Moli / Mouli / Kalawa) - Sacred hindu thread

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This is big roll of Raksha sutra , an auspicious hindu thread also known as moli or Kalawa.The sacred thread that is tied on our hands prior to the start of puja is called a Raksha Sutra. Raksha means protection, and Sutra means sacred thread. During a Pooja the Pandit will tie the Raksha Sutra on your hand while he chants the sacred mantra. The purpose of the Sutra is to protect us from harm, evil spirits, bad habits, and to keep our minds focus. With the tying of the Raksha Sutra on our hands we are asking Bhagwan to bless us so that only good deeds may be done with your hands. One should always wear the Raksha Sutra on wrist and there are no restrictions to wearing it.