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Rudraksha mat , made from 9 mm premium quality Rudrakshas

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This beautiful Rudraksha mat has been made up from 9 mm very high quality Rudraksha beads. The beads have been hand woven in very strong Nylon thread. Rudraksha mat serves as an aid for curing body pains. When unwell ,lying on this Rudraksha mat can provide relief from pain ,as well as can provide mental soothing. A cloth may be placed over the Rudraksha mat before lying on it or one can lie on this directly. This provides very good Acupressure massage to body too as all stiff body points and nerves will be pressed. This Rudraksha mat may be put on pillow or matress.

Our Rudraksha mat may be placed in altar or living room too for adding beauty , grace as well as inviting positive vibes.

Details of Rudraksha mat

  • Size of beads - 9 mm (Approx.)
  • Weight of mat - 2 kgs
  • Size of mat - 33" x 24"
  • Quality of beads - Premium
  • Benefits - Acupressure , relief from pains and stiffness as well as can be used for beauty and positivity.