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Rudraksha Navagraha mala with 1-9 Faced Rudrakshas and Yantras of all nine planets

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This is Powerful and unique Rudraksha Navagraha mala . This mala consists of Rudrakshas from 1 Mukhi to 9 mukhi (1 each) and Silver numerical yantras of all planets attached with Rudrakshas. The Navagraha mala is made of 9 Rudrakshas and yantras where each Rudraksha and yantra is representing a planet of our solar system. This mala has tremendous astrological significance and wearing of this mala counteracts the malefic tendencies of different planets in the astrological chart. The mala has following Rudrakshas and yantras :-

  • 1 Faced Rudraksha for planet Sun and Surya yantra pendant in silver
  • 2 Faced Rudraksha for planet Moon and Chandra yantra pendant in silver
  • 3 Faced Rudraksha for planet Mars and Mangal yantra pendant in silver
  • 4 Faced Rudraksha for planet Mercury and Budh yantra pendant in silver
  • 5 Faced Rudraksha for planet Jupiter and Brihaspati yantra pendant in silver
  • 6 Faced Rudraksha for planet Venus and Shukra yantra pendant in silver
  • 7 Faced Rudraksha for planet Saturn and Shani yantra pendant in silver
  • 8 Faced Rudraksha for planet Rahu and Rahu yantra pendant in silver
  • 9 Faced Rudraksha for planet Ketu and Ketu yantra pendant in silver

Total number of Rudrakshas in Mala = 9 ( 1-9 faced , 1 bead each)

Total number of Silver yantra pendants in Mala = 9 ( 1 each representing every planet)

We have used pure Silver chain in this mala

Total weight of Silver in mala = 70 grams (approx.)