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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Shri Navgraha Devta pujan yantra

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Shri Navgraha Devta pujan yantra is a unique yantra with 3D images of all nine planets ie Navagraha. The yantra idol has Numeric yantra stickers of all nine planets pasted on it (as seen in image 3). You can place this yantra in place of Navagraha idols too. 

Navagraha represents the nine celestial influencers in Vedic Astrology. The seven days of the week are named after the seven visible celestial bodies. The “Navagraha Yantra” – Mystical Diagram of the Nine Planets – is a talisman of unique importance. A yantra can both amplify and improve the beneficial effects of your planets. The Navagraha Yantra is even more special because it works on all nine planets at once and in a mutually harmonious fashion!

According to Vedic Astrology, the unfavorable position of the Planets in your Horoscope is solely responsible for all the hardships and struggles faced by you, despite of the hard work and efforts you put in! To remove all these bad influences of the 9 planets, Navagraha Yantra will be your best choice. 

Details of yantra :-

  • Material : Wood and Brass
  • Size : 5 inches x 5 inches x 3 inches (H)
  • Weight : 780 grams , in box packing : 980 grams
  • Benefits : Can be used to appease Navagrahas , this can also be used as Navagraha idols.

How to use :-

As per ancient texts regular puja of Navagrahas at home, office gives fruitful results. Proper installation of Shri Navagraha devta pujan yantra removes all vastu doshas, troubles and miseries and provides positive results.  First wash the yantra with Ganga jal or any other holy water. After that make Panchamrit solution mixing Ganga jal, Unboiled milk, Honey, curd and Desi ghee in any proportion. Wash the yantra with panchamrit solution. Wash again with Ganga jal, wipe will clean red colored cloth. Offer sindoor, unbroken rice , flowers and fruit to yantra. Offer Dhoop and do pranam. Chant the Navagraha mantra and then install at home, office or cash box .

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