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Images of Skanda-Kartikeya-Murugan: An Iconographic Study

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In the Hindu pantheon of gods Skanda Karttikeya the son of Siva, is the only god who is endowed with six faces and twelve hands and named as Sanmukha. God Sanmukha, the divine essence of Universal Spirit is being represented in the iconic forms known in the names of Skanda, Karttikeya, Guha, Subrahmanya and Naigameya, and exclusively as Murugan. Second notable fact is that, in the legend of the birth (incarnations) of any other god we do not come across so much of various explanations and different analysations as we found in the birth of Skanda from various accounts, i.e., Puranas and other legendary folk tales. Thirdly, in north India the god had been worshipped as war god in the name of Skanda and portrayed as hunter god, Red god and popularly called as Murugan and Muruga in south India. In the present time his cult is known as Kaumaram. Interestingly, the images (icons) of Skanda Karttikeya in the forms of Subrahmanya and Sanmukha found in India and abroad are a great feast to the devotees and others. It is very important for the readers to know that he and his consorts Valli and Deivayani are the embodiments of Jnana Sakti, Iccha Sakti and Kriya Sakti, respectively.

Details of Book :-

  • Author - Haripriya Rangarajan
  • Publisher - Sharada Publishing House
  • Language - English
  • ISBN - 8188934674
  • Binding - Hardbound
  • Size - 25 Cms x 19 Cms
  • Pages - 288 alongwith 87 b/w photpgraphs
  • Weight of book - 1300 grams

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