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Kurma Purana

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Kurma Purana is one of the major eighteen Puranas. It is believed to have been directly narrated by the Lord Vishnu to the sage Narad, and it contains the details about the Kurma avatar. Narada is believed to have stated the contents of this Puranas to Sutaji, who narrated this Purana to an assembly of great sages.The scripture was recited by Lord Vishnu in the regions under the earth to Indradyumna and the rishis in the proximity of Sakra. It tells about the Lakshmi Kalpa, and treats of the objects of life - duty, wealth, pleasure, and liberation. Abour Kurma avatar In the Puranas, a portion of cosmic Vishnu descended as the kurma to restore to mankind the mystic nectar (amrita), the essence of life and truth, as well as other holy and precious things needful to humanity, which had been lost. Vishnu ordered the gods to churn the sea of milk that they might procure once more these precious things, and he promised to become the tortoise on which the mountain Mandara as a churning stick should rest. Out of the sea of churned milk arose the 14 precious things, and with these the gods won their authority over the demons once more. Cosmically this churning of the sea of milk relates to a period before the earth's formation, the sea of milk being the expanse of space populated by the nebulae and diffuse star-stuff, the seeds and substance of future worlds and their hierarchies.

Details of book :-

  • Language: English Kurma Purana/translated into English by G.V. Tagare
  • Size : 22cm x 14cm
  • Total Volumes= 2
  • Binding : Hard Bound
  • Weight of books: 1.250 kgs(approx.)
  • Author: J.L.Shastri Ed.
  • Publisher : Motilal Banarsidass,Delhi-07

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