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Oils to be used for ligtening lamp as per hinduism

Nov 03 2017 Tags: Facts, lamp, Puja, remedy, Rituals

Hinduism and many other faiths across the world recommend the use of lamps and light in prayers. The light symbolizes the absence of darkness, grief and sorrows. The Oil Lamp, Diya, Deepa or Deepam is lit to bow down to knowledge and remove darkness from our homes. It is customary to light a lamp before starting any auspicious event or ceremony and is a constant fixture in the "Pooja" or holy room in every home in India. By lighting lamps, the glow of the almighty is said to spread all over one's home and is an invitation to the gods...

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Yantra Pooja

Jul 15 2016 Tags: energization, mantra, puja, yantra

Every Yantra is active only when it has been energized. Yantras are associated with the five elements of the world and individual Gods and Goddesses. The ancient texts outline a 16 step invocation and pooja ceremony for the energization of Yantras.The one who performs the invocation ceremony is called the "Sadhaka". He takes flowers in his hands and they are offered to the specific Deva or Devi the Yantra is associated with. The specific Deva or Devi is called the "Ishtadev or Ishta". The following steps are followed: The first step is called Poorv Poojan where flowers are offered to...

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Rudraksha Pooja

Jul 15 2016 Tags: energization, mantra, puja, rudraksha

  Many buyers have asked us questions that how we do shudhikaran (energisation)/pooja of rudraksha beads? We thought it would be a good idea if we give these details on our website itself.Please read the details given below on how pooja is performed step by step.The following pooja is performed prior to wearing any Rudraksha bead/mala:- The Rudraksha should be immersed in oil overnight. Then they are washed with Panchamrit (mixture of raw milk(unboiled), honey, curd, desi ghee & ganga jal), while chanting Shiva Mantra"Om Namah Shivaye" Then the Rudraksha are washed with pure water(ganga jal) chanting the Sadyojaat Mantra...

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Puja of Shaligram

Jun 17 2016 Tags: Energization, Puja, Shaligram

To perform puja of the Shaligram which you have selected to install in your altar of worship, you will need the following 'samagri' or ingredients:Ganga Jal, Panchgavya (a mixture of 5 auspicious articles that include: Cowdung, Cow's urine, Milk, Ghee and Curd), fresh Tulsi leaves, Kusha grass, Pipal leaves, Incense sticks, Camphor, Sandal paste, Lamp burner, and a conch shell. You may substitute any item that is not available with uncooked rice.Offerings to the Shaligram can be of Milk, Fruits, Flowers, Sweet dishes or a Coconut.Procedure To Be Followed For The Puja   Sit in a position in which you...

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Jun 17 2016 Tags: Energization, mythology, Puja, Shaligram

Worshipped by devotees for the grant of divine protection, good health, wealth and prosperity, righteous living and spiritual liberationAKYAS CA IVA DESE CA SALAGRAMA SHALAM MAHATSANAM TAD BHAVAM YA TAT SALAGRAMA ITI SMRTAM What Are Shaligrams?Shaligrams are sacred 'shilas' or stones representing the abstract form of Lord Vishnu. His followers, the Hindu Vaishnavas, place these stones in their puja altars for daily worship. Just as the abstract form of Shiva is the stone ‘lingam’ which the Shaivites worship in their temples and homes, so is the ‘shila’ of Lord Vishnu.According to Hindu tradition, the Shaligram stone is the shelter for a...

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Symbolic Significance of Puja Items

Jun 16 2016 Tags: idols, Puja, Puja items

Puja is both the act of worship and the altar or space for the images to be worshipped. A puja is always given a special place in a room and many different sacred items can be kept on the puja and used during worship   Murtis( Statues) - Murtis are statues of deities and objects of veneration which embody qualities to which we aspire. Padukas( Sandals) - The Indian scriptures say that God’s grace flows through the feet of great beings and thus the sandals (padukas) of the Master are regarded with reverence. Incense - Incense is a traditional offering of...

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