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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Sampurn Vidhya Dayak yantra

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Rs.900.00 - Rs.1,500.00
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Sri Sampurn Vidhya Dayak yantra is very powerful yantra.By worshipping this yantra one will be blessed with success in examinations, concentration in studies. In Hindu mythology, Saraswati Devi is controller of education, intelligence and speech. This yantra should be worshipped specially by children and students who suffers from break in education and to succeed in higher studies and competition. For acquiring spiritual wisdom also the grace of Goddess Saraswati is very essential. Propitiation of other planets helps in removing ill effects of any planet if it is there and appeases all of them. It should be installed on Wednesday morning after washing it with milk and Ganga jal.

Mantra: "Om Shree Saraswatyai Namah"

This yantra has 13 yantras in it:-

  • (1) Sri Saraswati yantra ( center) - To get education,knowledge and wisdom
  • (2) Sri Budh yantra - To get planet Mercury work in favour
  • (3) Sri Surya yantra - To get planet Sun work in favour
  • (4) Sri Shukra yantra - To get planet Venus work in favour
  • (5) Sri chandra yantra - To get planet Moon work in favour
  • (6) Sri Mangal yantra - To get planet Mars work in favour
  • (7) Sri Navdurga yantra - To get protection from evil forces
  • (8) Sri Ketu yantra - To get planet Ketu work in favour
  • (9) Sri Rahu yantra - To get planet Rahu work in favour
  • (10)Sri Shani yantra - To get planet Saturn work in favour
  • (11)Sri Geeta yantra - To get rewards for hard work,mind becomes full of zeal
  • (12)Sri Maha gayatra bisa yantra - To get wisdom ,concentration and good thoughts
  • (13)Sri Brahispati yantra - To get planet Jupiter work in favour

We have 2 sized available for this yantra ie 8" x 8" and 9" x 11"

and weight of 8" x 8" yantra is 90 grams approx. and weight of 9" x 11" yantra is 150 grams approx.

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