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ॐ Welcome to Devshoppe, Worldwide Delivery , Paypal accepted , 100% Authentic Products

Navgraha Rudraksha Mala with Pearls to Please All Planets

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This Navgrah mala has 1-9 mukhi(faced) rudraksha beads of premium quality.The ek mukhi (1 face) rudraksha is tied on center,the ek mukhi used in this mala is of collector grade.The wearer of the Navgrah Rudraksha Mala is blessed with the divine energies to appease and balance all nine planets of the horoscope. It is often seen in the horoscope that most of the planets are placed at one side of the horoscope and other side is without existence of any planet. These kind of horoscopes are said to be Imbalanced Horoscopes. "KAAL SARP YOGA" is one of the example in which 7 planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) are situated at one side of the horoscope, starting from the house where "Rahu" is placed and ending at the house where "Ketu" is placed. The "KAAL SARP YOGA" is one of the worst "YOGA" in astrology, which tend to create different hurdles in the growth of the native.

This Mala is an excellent tool to overcome the tribulations caused due to unbalancing of the planets. On other hand there are lot many peoples in the world who are not aware of their birth details (Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth). These people are unaware of their horoscope and planetary position. This mala is an excellent tool for these kind of people. This is said, that most of the people have at least one malefic planet in their horoscope, which causes the tribulations to the native. But if you are not aware of that planet and still want to appease him to overcome your daily life problems then Navgrah Rudraksha Mala is the answer.

As Rudraksha has no ill effect,this mala will only help to appease not only malefic but banefic planets too. Navgrah Rudraksha Mala is the combination of nine Rudrakshas. These Rudrakshas are under the Lordship of different Gods, thus giving the blessings of those Gods to its wearer.

This mala has total of 108+1 beads ( 9 rudraksha beads & 100 pearl beads).

The mala has been made in strong thread in traditional style with knots between the beads.

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