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Hindu Hare Krishna healing bracelet

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"Hare Krishna" Mantra is considered as the mahamantra (Ultimate prayer) of Kaliyuga (The Dark Age). Kaliyuga refers to the present era of machine, where truth and morality are at their lowest level. It is believed that by repeating this mantra with faith and devotion, one can achieve salvation and peace of mind. This attractive Hare Krishna bracelet is perfect for both men and women. The cuff design adjusts to any size wrist. Crafted from copper, brass, and steel, it is good for everyday wear or special occasions. The words "Hare Krishna" are embossed in steel, contrasting with the rich copper of the bracelet. A smooth brass trim around the edge of the copper is both attractive and comfortable. Small brass accents decorated with red beads add a finishing touch to the ends of the cuff bracelet, and add an attractive style to this three-colored metal bracelet.

The perfect gift for men or women, this adjustable cuff bracelet should fit most wrists. Copper, brass, and steel.

6.5" circumference, .5" wide.

*Price mentioned here is for 1 piece only