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Eight forms of Bhairava (Ashta Bhairava) and their mantras

Eight forms of Bhairava (Ashta Bhairava) and their mantras

Ashta Bhairavas ("Eight Bhairavas") are eight manifestations of the Hindu god Bhairava, a ferocious aspect of the god Shiva. They guard and control the eight directions. Each Bhairava has seven sub Bhairavas under him. All of the Bhairavas are ruled and controlled by Maha Kala Bhairava, who is considered the supreme ruler of time of the universe and the chief form of Bhairava.

Ashta bhairava

The eight forms of Bhairava are :- Asithanga Bhairavar, Chanda Bhairavar, Kapala Bhairavar, Krodha Bhairavar, Unmatta Bhairavar, Bhishana Bhairavar, Ruru Bairavar and Samhara Bhairavar.

  1. Sri Asithanga Bhairavar - Blesses his devotees to achieve creative skills. His Mantra is :- 
    "Om Hreem Hraam Hreem Hrum Jam Klaam Kleem Klum
    Brahmi Devi Samethyaya Asithanga Bhairavaya
    Sarva Shaap Nivarthithaya Om Hreem Phat Swahaa"
  2. Sri Ruru Bhairavar - blesses his devotees to embellish their knowledge to lead a prosperous and wealthy life. His Mantra is :- 
    "Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Shreem Shreem Kleem Shreem
    Sarva Raja Vashikaraya Sarva Jana Mohanaya
    Sarva Vashya Sheegram Sheegram Shreem Kleem Shreem Svaha"
  3. Sri Chanda Bhairavar - Provides his devotees with incredible energy to attain victory over its competitor. His Mantra is :- 
    "Om Hreem Sarva Shakti Ruupaya Neela Varnaya
    Maha Chanda Bhairavaya Namaha"
  4. Sri Krodha Bhairavar - Bless devotees with strength and courage to acquire massive achievements. His Mantra is :- 
    "Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Hreem Kleem
    Sarva Vighna Nivaranaya Maha Krodha Bhairavaya Namaha"
  5. Sri Unmatha Bhairavar - Helps his devotees to control harmful personality which leads to negative influence. His Mantra is :- 
    "Om Hreem Vaaraahi Samethaya Maha Unmattha Bhairavaaya
    Hreem Om Svahaa"
  6. Sri Kapaala Bhairavar - Helps his devotees to think and work only towards fruitful action. His Mantra is :- 
    "Om Hreem Kreem Hreem Sreem
    Kapala Bhairavaya Namaha"
  7. Sri Bheeshana Bhairavar - Favors his devotees to get relief from the evil spirit and negative effects to lead a peaceful and secure life. His Mantra is :-
    "Om Hreem Bheeshana Bhairavaya Sarva Saaba Nivaranaya
    Mama Vasham Kuru Kuru Svaaha"
  8. Sri Samhara Bhairavar - Helps to eradicate all past bad karmas issues. His Mantra is :- 
    "Om Namo Bhagavate Saṁhara Bhairavay
    Bhuta Preta Pisaca Brahma Rakṣasan Uccaṭaya Uccaṭaya
    Samharaya Samharaya Sarva Bhaya Chedanam Kuru Kuru Svaha"
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