Famous Temples of Lord Bhairava

Aug 23 2022 Tags: Bhairav, Bhairavar, Pilgrimage, Temples

Here is list of Lord Bhairava's famous temples in India and Abroad :-

Name of Temple Place  Construction Period Link
Kaal Bhairav Temple Varanasi, India 17th century by Maratha Army Commander Sardar Vinchurkar Read More
Kal Bhairav Temple Ujjain, India Between 9th to 13th Century by King Bhadrasen Read More
KIlkari Bhairav Temple Delhi, India Dwapar Yuga by Pandavas Read More
Bhairavnath Temple  Kedarnath , India Shri Bhikund, 3001 B.C  Read More
MahaBhairab Temple Assam, India 8th to 10th Century by Salasthamba Dynasty Read More
Akash Bhairav Temple Kathmandu , Nepal King Yalambar, around 3,100-3,500 years ago  Read More
Kal Bhairav Temple Kathmandu, Nepal 17th century by the  King Pratap Malla Read More
Bhairabsthan Temple Palpa, Nepal 16th Century by king Mukunda Sena of the Sena dynasty  Read More

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