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Rare Shriparni Sriyantra on Lotus for wealth , prosperity and finances

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Sri Maha Meru (the 3-dimensional form of Sri Yantra) on Lotus petals made of Shriparni Tree Wood is indeed a very special yantra. When combined with Sriyantra , this becomes a very powerful combination. Ancient Scriptures indicate that the presence of Sri Yantra and/or Sri Maha Meru bestows Success, Mental Peace and Happiness through Health, Wealth & Harmony. When made of the Sacred Shriparni Wood, the effects are doubled with extra prosperity and mental strength. It is also believed by many that besides producing a huge amount of positive energy, it also absorbs pollution. Many experienced Astrologers and Vastu Consultants recommend the Sri Yantra & Sri Maha Meru made of Shriparni Wood for both Financial Growth as well as to correct Vastu Doshas.

Carved with 100% perfection and comes in an acrylic box with goddess Lakshmi sticker on back.

The size of this yantra is 4" x 4" x 4.5"