Crystal (Sphatik) and Bodhi seeds combination mala


This is beautiful combination mala , made up from Superb quality Sphatik beads and Bodhi seeds. The Sphatik Bodhi seeds mala is a super combination helping wearer during meditation....Read more

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This is yet another beautiful combination from Devshoppe. This beautiful mala has been made up from very high quality Sphatik and Bodhi beads.

In this mala , we have used 15 mm very high quality Sphatik beads with super diamond cutting and around 12 mm sized Bodhi seeds. This powerful combination will help wearer to concentrate well during meditation.

Sphatik or Quartz crystal, a gift given to us by earth is a good conductor of energy. While Sphatik further strengthens the positivity within a person, it liberates an individual from all causes of fear or anger.

Sphatik is possessed with a strong field of light and energy which provide sonic protection against negative vibrations. It makes one more affectionate and gives him the ability to enjoy life. Alternately, sphatic is known to fulfill one’s desires in life. Adorning a mala of sphatik or quartz crystal strengthens purpose in life, diminishes stress, supports healing abilities and helps with centering (balancing or soothing). The Sphatik Mala is said to have spiritual powers; it renders peace and calms the stressed mind. This has the capability to reduce body heat. Hence it is worn by people around the neck to keep their body temperatures regulated and minds cool. Sphatik removes excess heat from the body and can also reduce fever. Sphatik Mala helps focus the mind. It also helps relieve headaches and reduces stress and tension by promoting overall healing of the body.

Similarly, It was under a Bodhi tree, at Bodhgaya in India, that the Buddha attained enlightenment. For this reason the Bodhi Seed is highly valued and is said to enrich the mind. A bodhi seed mala is considered auspicious to use for all practices.

Total number of Sphatik diamond cut beads - 27

Total number of Bodhi seeds - 28

Total number of beads in mala - 54+1

Mala has been made in strong thread and we have used glass spacers between the beads.

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