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Meditation Stick (Yoga Danda) for Meditation

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The Meditation Stick For Meditation

The Meditation Stick is a very ancient and traditional yoga tool to assist in one's spiritual practice. It is used by, and normally seen with, wandering yogis as a vital complement to their yogic practices.

The Mediation Stick is especially useful in the practice of pranayama, or breath control exercises in yoga, as keeping the stick in the armpit causes the breath to flow from the opposite nostril in a calm and focussed manner. The stick is also used to prop up tired arms while counting off the number of repetitions of mantras when using a mala or rosary to do so.

The Meditation Stick is a very practical massage tool too, especially on those hard to reach spots in the back and the pressure points where the shoulder joins the neck. Using the curved section of the stick one can run it over all the limbs to provide instantaneous relief. This is an overlooked but necessary aspect of practice as long hours of meditation do cause some physical stiffness.

But the primary use of The Mediation Stick is in its symbolic value. Viewed straight on, it looks likes a spinal column descending from the shoulders of a human being. In spiritual terms this is the Meru Danda, the Axis Mundi, the cosmic pillar that is the center of the Universe. This sacred stick reminds us that wherever we are is the center of the universe - and that is within us, the spinal column up which rises the Kundalini Shakti - the creative power of the universe. Yogis carry this stick with them to constantly keep that fact in mind, so that they are always centered in the immovable, eternal Cosmic Pillar.

The Meditation Stick is something that reveals its many levels of value when one uses it constantly in regular and systemic spiritual practice. Its worth can only be discovered, not really described.

Quality : Ordinary

Length: 17.5 inches

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