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Introduction :- Indian vaidyas, hakims and doctors have always been advising the use of fruits to provide patients with a desirbly light and nourishing diet, but none, except a negligible number of physicians with an inquisitive nature, did pay attention to exploring the possibilities of using them like medicines to co...Read more

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Introduction :-

Indian vaidyas, hakims and doctors have always been advising the use of fruits to provide patients with a desirbly light and nourishing diet, but none, except a negligible number of physicians with an inquisitive nature, did pay attention to exploring the possibilities of using them like medicines to combat diseases. That is, perhaps, the cause of may not yet having come across any such literature of real worth, elaborated by an Indian author, which explains the theory and practice of treating all ailments through h the exclusive agency of deliciously sweet and platabale fruits. However, I have gone through certain books dealing with the properties of some fruits in the form of Materia Medica but then those too miserably fail to furnish precise and positive guidance to the searching reader or physician to choose one for administration in specific cases. This state of affairs prompted me to give practical shape to my earnest desire to bring out a book which, in addition to vaidyas, hakims and doctors could serve as a beacon light to the general public as well, so that they may derive maximum benefit from the use of fruits, the kindly boon of Mother Nature as an effective agent to ward off diseases.

With this objective in view I published a special number Phalon-se-ilaj of my monthly magazine ‘Rasayan’ on the subject containing accounts of my extensive experiments conducted on my patients with fruits and the notes of observations of a few other eminent physicians. This was absolutely a unique and novel idea so far as the commen theme of monthly journals is concerned and naturally readers appreciated it considerably. Its vast-scope of usefulness impressed some English knowing readers (having a shallow knowledge of Hindi) and a few of my M. P. friends so much that they emphasised the need for an English version of the valuable work in the interests of the English knowing class. The present volume is just the result of their repeated persistence.

With the onset and expansion of the so-called ‘Civilization’ artificiality in every walk of life has won such a tremendous welcome that it has played a free hand on our daily dietary, mode of life, conversation and reciprocal conduct, with the result that the rich, the poor, the literate, the illiterate, the wise and the foolish all alike have grown to be fed upon by colossal vexation, solicitude and peace lessness, while premature senility, death and disease are found to be battering hard at their doors. We may, for a moment suppose that reasons other than unnatural and artificial diet may, somehow, tend to escape undetected but transgressions committed in respect of diet can never escape the watchful eyes of Nature and the miscreant can never go unpunished for the wrong action. Untimely death with a thousand and one tortures is the punishment of Nature ‘for such infringements. So those who wish to lead a long and healthy life should stick to the use of fresh and dry fruits, particularly fresh fruits which are undoubtedly the best natural food. Fruits are endowed with the quality of providing fruits-eaters with a gay and healthy life extending to several years and they, at the same time, contain wonderful powers to destroy virtually every disease has been shown in the following pages. Diseases of the body from head to foot have been dealt with in a systematic order and a detailed description of the scope and method of the use of certain fruits in various diseases has also been given in chapters relating to corresponding diseases. This has been done to facilitate easy reference’.

In writing this book, I have taken substantial help from essays of some of the well-informed and leading physicians of the country to whom I owe my deepest sense of gratitude. A few chapters of the book are complied from the articles contributed by Shri Kaviraj Mahendranath Pandey; Shri Vishweshwar Dayal, Chikitsa Churamani; Shri Ramesh Bedi, Ayurvedalankar Kaviraj Vishwanath Prasad, Rajvaid Sohan Lal Aggrawal and Pt. Chandra Shekhar Jam, Vaid-Shastri, and I offer them my warmest thanks for the courtesy they extended to me.

Similarly, my thanks are due to Shri Hakim Mohammad Abdullah, Shri Vitthal Dass Modi, Dr. Bhoj Raj, Pt. Han Prasad, C. Bhatt Ayurvedacharya Vaidya Parkash Vati Jam Visharada, Dr. Subhashini Verma M.B.B.S., M.D., Shri Krishna Prasad Trivedi, B. A., Ayurvedacharya, Shri Vishwa Nath Trivedi, Former Principal, Laht Han College, Hakim N. L. Soni and Shri Teji Lal Nema, Vaidya Ratna, for the voluntary liberal help they rendered by sending me notes of their observations and experiments gained m the use of fruits. I also offer my cordial thanks for the substantial co-operation extended to me by Shri Dr. S. Kumar, B.A., B.D., .AM.S., in bringing out this book and by Shri Kaviraj Gauri Lal Chanana B.A., vaid-Vachaspati, who took great pains in going through the proof sheets and giving the work necessary finishing touch.

A glossary of the names of fruits and other medicinal drugs referred to in the book with their equivalent names in the languages spoken in different provinces of India has been added at the end to make the publication equally useful to the people of every part of our vast country.

I am confident that the study of the present volume results in material good to the readers and I shall consider my labour to be worthwhile and amply rewarded.

The book is a useful compilation of all modern and ancient available literature regarding fruits along with facts based on long practical experience of the learned author on patients of various diseases. It contains a number of extremely useful and therapeutically important recipes of fruit diet which are described in such a simple and clear style that even an ordinary man or a house-wife can prepare them without the least difficulty. The author has successfully tried to combine both the qualities of effectiveness and deliciousness in the recipes mentioned in this book. The facts about disease curing properties of fruits have been amply corroborated by detailed accounts of the patients cured by the author or some other prominent physicians under their direct supervision and care. These accounts dispel out completely whatever doubts are present in the minds of the readers regarding utility of a particular recipe he selects to use for himself. The people who like to advocate and follow the nature cure in their ordinary ailments will find this book a great source of help and a specific guide in treating their acute and chronic troubles.

Ancient Rishis of Bharat had discovered a simple and very effective dietic treatment for most of the diseases and had ‘formulated certain fundamental principles for general guidance.

According to them there are two main causes for most of the bodily ailments—overfeeding and under-feeding and millions and millions of people are victims of this maladjustment of food and -e only remedy to correct this unbalanced diet is the plentiful use seasonal fruits.

Even Maharaja Bharti who was once upon a time a great advocate of the principle ‘eat. drink and be merry’, after his renunciation and a long practice of Yoga had eventually come to -e conclusion that the best food for humanity is the nice fruit to t and sweet water to drink, If this simple prescription is followed ‘ man, the humanity will be much happier and healthier and there will be little reed for those highly concentrated chemical foods for medicines which are flooding our markets these days thus making our country dependent on foreign products.

I am also a great admirer and advocate of fruit diet and have been using various Kalpas (fruit meals) for so many different types of diseases with great success in my 40 years of medical practice.

Ayurveda, the science of life is full of such Kalpas which if properly and systematically followed, can rejuvenate the body.

At the same time modern researches regarding chemical composition of fruits are in no way less important from therapeutic point of view. The author has, therefore, very wisely put together all available data from modern and ancient sciences in his present work. It is evident at every place that the author has taken great pains to see that the reader is put to the least possible trouble in making use of this book. At the same time, he gets all necessary available information about nutritional and therapeutic value of fruits. I am gratified to say that he has succeeded in his cherished aim to a great extent and deserves appreciation from the general public. The author has also done a great service to medical profession in bringing to light a topic of great importance which has hitherto remained almost neglected.

By doing so he has rendered a great service to the suffering humanity, and I therefore, feel pleasure in strongly recommending this book to the intelligentsia of our country. 

Details of Book :-

  • Author - Kvj. G.S Verma
  • Publisher - Rasayan Pharmacy
  • Language - English
  • ISBN - 8186569480
  • Binding - Hardbound
  • Size - 8.5 inch X 6.0 inch
  • Pages - 258
  • Weight of book - 425 grams
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