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Pure Silver Sun (Surya) pendant

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Silver Sun (Surya) is used for power , authority & luck in business. Sun (Surya) stands for power and authority. Sun (Surya) enhances the peace of mind, gets favour from Superior, officers and Govt. Sun (Surya) is used to energise an area or to energetically expand an area that is cramped and uncomfortable. Silver Sun (Surya) pendant represents our struggle for clarity. Sun (Surya) balances & harmonise the aura around us and removes the negative energy. The sun god gives us knowledge and wisdom. The sun god frees us from teeming ignorance and impenetrable darkness. Therefore we have to invoke the sun god.

Details of Pendant :-

  • The pendant has been made in pure silver
  • Weight of Pendant - 2.66 grams
  • Size of Pendant ( including hook ) - 3.0 cms
  • SKU - DP14