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Rare Lucky charm - Very small Dakshinavarti Shankha in brass ring for multiple benefits

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Keeping an Dakshinavarti shankh at home gives lot of benefits, but keeping it with oneself proves to be more fruitful. We have kept this miniature shankh (conch) of 6 mm (approx.) in this brass ring & covered it with glass.

Wearing of this ring gives following benefits:-

o Prosperity to the bearer.
o Brings peace .
o It saves bearer from tantrik effects,evil eye & jadu-tona(black magic).
o If helps the bearer in studies too.
o Enlightens the students with knowledge and sharpens their memory.
o Malefic planetery effects.
o Removes ill-effects of Brahmhatya, Gau-hatya and Bal-hatya (Dosha due to killing of a priest, cow or a child in the previous births).

* Can be worn in any finger , so size won't be a problem at all.

Made in Brass

Currently only very small ring sizes are available .