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Eighteen Faced Rudraksha (18 Mukhi) of Premium Quality

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A Rudraksha of 18 mukhi (Eighteen face) is Bhairava Roopam.18 mukhi Rudraksha is terrible form of lord Shiva. Wearing 18 mukhi Rudraksha removes the bad effect coming to the body.Wearer of 18 mukhi Rudraksha is freed from the fear of death. The possessor of 18 mukhi Rudraksha is blessed with all kinds of fame, respect and success related to spiritual progress.

18 mukhi Rudraksha prevents the human being from most of the accident as well as form enemy. Diseases like mental incoordination, loss of power are removed by wearing 18 mukhi Rudraksha.The person who wears 18 mukhi Rudraksha after proper siddhis never suffers from any diseases in his life time and gets all kinds of happiness and comfort. The possessor of 18 mukhi Rudraksha remains happy and healthy. 18 mukhi Rudraksha is specially beneficial for the pregnant women in protecting their child.

Note : The delivery of 18 mukhi Rudraksha may take around 7-10 days from day of payments.

Note : All Above mentioned Descriptions are according to Indian & Chinese Mythology or as per Metaphysical properties of Crystal stones. Seller takes no Responsibility whatsoever for any claim made in the Descriptions. Please don't stop your regular medical treatment. Please use these products as Alternative therapy only. 

All items sold as religious curio only.