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Sri Bhairav (Bhairavar) yantra on mixed metal plate

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Sri Bhairav Yantra is for the worship of Lord Bhairav, and eliminates the effects of black magic & other negative influences/powers. It is an ideal Yantra for Hypnosis, self-protection and removal of poverty. The worship of this Yantra is particularly useful & essential during the present 'Kalyuga'. This Yantra also eliminates the harmful effects of 'Rahu' and bestows the user with good luck. Sri Bhairav yantra is said to bring good fortune and the fulfillment of any desires. Sri Bhairav yantra is used for improving impoverished conditions of life. 

Size: 9 cms x 9 cms (3.5" x 3.5")

Weight varies between 120-150 gms

Note : All Above mentioned Descriptions are according to Indian & Chinese Mythology or as per Metaphysical properties of Crystal stones. Seller takes no Responsibility whatsoever for any claim made in the Descriptions. Please don't stop your regular medical treatment. Please use these products as Alternative therapy only. 

All items sold as religious curio only.