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Sridurgasaptasati - Religious book on Maa Durga

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Sridurgasaptasati, edited with an introduction text, English translation, English transliteration of the text, Argala, Kilaka, Kavaca, Saptaslokidurga,Devisukta and an Index by Dipak Kumar Sharma

The Durgasaptasati is one of the important and famous treatises, which has been occupying a very high position in the mindset of the devout Hindus in general and the Saktas in particular. This book, more popularly known as the Sricandi also, is not an independent work. Thirteen chapters (from the 81 st to the 93rd) of the Markandeyapurana, constitute what has come to be known as the Durgasaptasati. The content of this set of thirteen chapters of the said Purana are arranged in seven hundred (saptasata) Mantras and hence it has been entitled as such. The present edition comprises the English transliteration of the text and also an English translation ; besides Argala, Kilaka, kavaca, Saptaslokidurga, Devisukta and an Index.

Details of book :-

  • Author - Dipak kumar Sharma
  • ISBN - 8187418154
  • Binding - Hardbound
  • Language - English and Sanskrit
  • Pages - 218
  • Publisher - New Bharatiya Book Corporation